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Avendo valutato la sezione Scultura del concorso in passato, ero curioso di scoprire se il medium più ampiamente praticato della fotografia avrebbe presentato lo stesso livello di coinvolgimento critico che mi aveva colpito allora. È stato gratificante vedere che la selezione includeva le opzioni binarie ascoltano opere davvero sorprendenti.

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Molti dei partecipanti hanno mostrato abilità di post-produzione. In questi casi mi sono sbilanciato verso coloro che le utilizzano per trasmettere un messaggio, piuttosto che come fine in sé. Having judged the Sculpture section of this competition in the past, I was interested to see whether the more widely practiced medium of photography would facilitate the lavoro arsenale krsnodar trading level of critical engagement that struck me then.

It was gratifying to see that the selection included many truly striking works.

Some of the entrants used this opportunity to respond to pertinent social issues, most notably the migrant crisis.

These works varied from the emotively charged to the critically detached, and preference was given to those that avoided tokenism in favour of creativity.

Other photographers focused on personal or collective identity, exploring and challenging perceptions of religion, gender, or ethnicity.

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The depiction of architecture was also a key component, ranging from studies of visual geometry to explorations of the histories of now-unused spaces. Indeed, the discovery of traces of political commentaries within present-day scenes was a fruitful vehicle for critique, blurring the borders between documentary and artistic photographic approaches. Many of the entrants showed postproduction prowess. In such cases I inclined towards those using it in the service of conveying a message, rather than as an end in itself.

The International Arte Laguna Prize, now in its 10th year, is a real excellence in the promotion of the activities devoted to the visual arts.

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It also offers visibility to both emerging and established artists, thanks to its wide accessibility and cross-disciplinary languages. It is a challenge, a major confrontation that has been able to increase not only my passion for art and for Venice, but also to discover and support emerging artists who are invited to work in a diverse range of creative disciplines, intercepting the latest trends in contemporary art.

Each body of work submitted to the competition from all over the world has represented an opportunity for discussion in order to understand and sense the currents of contemporary art research in an extended landscape that once again has amazed and moved us in front of the complexities and contradictions of our time. The exhibition at the Arsenale is therefore an opportunity for the public to discover the final selection of 30 works from the painting section, which alongside the other sections of the Prize represents a unique occasion to reflect on the contemporary characther of the new trends.

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Tantissime le lingue. Molteplici le provenienze. Sono stati oltre gli autori partecipanti con più di scatti. Il complesso mosaico raccoglie moltissime fotografie dedicate alla città Venezia.

Etica ed estetica si fondono in brevissimi percorsi narrativi, mentre il più classico storytelling lascia spazio a ricerche visive semi-astratte. Interessanti i fotomontaggi che si fanno visione contemporanea. Divertenti e armoniche le situazioni cariche di ambiguità. La sorpresa è la capacità di perdersi a guardare e raccontare il mondo attraverso i dettagli senza per forza urlare le proprie lavoro arsenale krsnodar trading.

Ho molto apprezzato la descrizione dei progetti. In the pervasive concept underlying every edeavour, action and challenge, I have always tried to develop a constructive reflection on the contemporary, where art is the focus, the pivot, the main mission, but also the background which is able to develop side visions to go along with other disciplines. It is also for these reasons that my approach to the selections has been holistic and constantly exploring lavoro arsenale krsnodar trading different layers of connection between art and reality, especially investigating the relationship of artistic research with technological innovation and the digital media.

The Arte Laguna Prize is a valuable opportunity to broaden our vision, to get to know what is new, to dive into imagination and into the codes of expression, both political and aesthetic, of the artists who applied.

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Not only does the Prize generously support the artists, but it also puts them under the gaze of a diverse jury that turns into a potential network, and similarly it creates connections between the jurors themselves, giving rise to a comprehensive and complex vision of such a magmatic and lavoro arsenale krsnodar trading moving system, the art system.

It is difficult to arrange the maze of all the images submitted to the Arte Laguna Prize So many languages.

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  • Arte Laguna Prize - Catalogo opere by Mattia Perissinotto - Issuu
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So many backgrounds. More than artists have entered with over 1, shots. This complex mosaic collects several photos dedicated to the city of Venice. There are also portraits, self-portraits and landscapes, but beyond mere statistics, what strongly emerges is a simplified understanding of photography. Ethics merges with aesthetics in short narrative journeys, while traditional storytelling leaves room to semi-abstract visual research.

Interesting photomontages however turn into contemporary vision, while situations drenched in ambiguity are amusing and harmonic. Sometimes, turning round the corner can open up a whole world.

I have highly appreciated the descriptions of projects. The intelligent use of writing along with the images is not only functional to clarity, but also to the development of an action of synthesis, to the translation of something that is always a staging: a good photograph. Tuttavia, alcune opere si sono distinte per la loro originalità, precisione concettuale, pertinenza contestuale ed approccio estetico alle nuove tecnologie.

È stato un onore lavorare a stretto contatto con gli altri membri della lavoro arsenale krsnodar trading e scoprire nuovi talenti dentro una vasta rete di candidati.

Artisti provenienti da diversi background mi permettono di scoprire un dialogo tra le culture, i concetti e le idee che essi vogliono esprimere. È stimolante vedere come persone diverse e di tutte le età abbiano la medesima possibilità di essere chi vogliono.

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È stato un privilegio far parte della giuria di un premio con tradizioni e valori profondi. However, some works have stood out in their originality, conceptual precision, contextual relevance and aesthetic approach to new technologies. It was an honor to work closely with the other members of the jury and to discover new talents through a wide network of applicants.

It has been very exciting to see many outstanding works by interesting artists throughout the selection process. They explore the possibilities of new media in innovative ways and suggest new directions in art at the time of unprecedented technological acceleration and the global connectivity that comes with it.

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It was exhilarating to see that the new generation of artists remains at the forefront of challenging rigid normatives, subverting the status quo and re-evaluating the ideas of collective unconscious in our digital age.

The Arte Laguna Prize gives an opportunity to artists from all over the world to express what is in their minds, what is in their hearts and lives, what they are preoccupied or happy about.

Artists from different backgrounds and concepts manage to get me, as a juror, to find a dialogue between the cultures, concepts and ideas they are expressing. It is energizing to feel how all kind of people, of all different ages have the opportunity to be who they want starting from an equal position.

No matter where you come from, no matter who you are, here is the chance to get out to the world and make a statement. This is something I take seriously when acting as a juror.

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Is there a message behind the artwork? Can I, or someone, feel identified with what I am looking at? It is art at its purest. It has been a privilege being a jury of such a prize with deep traditions and high values.

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